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This is a blog full of an odd mix of Golden Sun, Avengers, and pretty much everything else I love, find interesting, or inspiring. Oh, and Pokemon. Always Pokemon. So, pretty much everything. Enjoy!

I tag most things (though not always intelligibly). Just ask. :)

(Sometimes I turn into a crazy cashier at night.)
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sw087 sw087 Said:
RIGHT. Let’s see if I can come up with 10. Umm…
1. I wear my socks inside out. On purpose.
2. I have worn glasses as long as I can remember.
3. For some reason, my default name for everything is George.
4. Everyone thinks I’m the youngest sibling, when I’m actually the oldest.
5. At any time, I’m reading between 3-7 (or more) books.
6. I can’t remember living in any one house for more than two or three years.
7. My hands are always cold.
8. Sometimes I wish I was part fish, because water = love. But then my obsessive love of reading shows up and squashes it.
9. I LOVE TRAVELING. If I’m not out doing things every couple of days I get restless.
10. This heavily contradicts my desire to sleep forever. UGH BED WHY YOU SO COMFY?
I tag notchampa, aphoenixsfeather, starlightmango, inu-demon, glassfreak, lorddeadfox, kingofsnape, katelion7, xfullmetal17, and negaiboshi :D  
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